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A new project “Short Diving Break” is starting up in Moss, Norway in the upcoming Spring. This is a joint “Dykkerhuset” and “Cozy Divers” project whith a goal to invite people to diving activities in “Oslofjorden”. This project is mostly attractive to people living in a location which is up to 2 hour flight from “Moss Rygge” airport, therefore divers from Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark are our target audience. This is a great proposal to those who do not have any activities on a casual weekend or would like to find new diving spots, to those who always wanted to visit Norway, but did not have a good reason to do. But now, you can start to pack your hand baggage, because return flights from the countries mentioned above start at 11 EUR and Norway offers new sceneries and amazing diving spots to discover! Want to save some money during your trip? Great! We will be happy to organize your accomodation in the best quality hotels for your chosen price level.

We have three different diving programs for our project. We can offer an exclusive opportunity to dive at “Oslofjorden”, Norway’s “Ytre Hvaler National Park” and even Sweden’s “Kosterhavet National Park” which are the first strictly protected official national underwater parks here. Underwater flora and fauna are fantastic there and a must-see for any starting or experienced diver. Or are you an underwater hunt enthusiast? It is legal in Norway and you should not miss the great opportunities! We can arrange the underwater hunts in “Oslofjorden” which is rich with fish and crabs. The only strict rule of underwater hunt in Norway is that you cannot touch the Lobsters! Therefore, you will only be able to admire them. Lobster sizes are enourmos here in “Oslofjorden”! Please feel free to contact with us, or our partners in your country.

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